Welcome to Vikki Jones Pilates

We offer a selection of Pilates classes in Hastings, East Sussex with qualified Pilates Instructor Vikki Jones - MFHT.

My classes are designed to promote a greater body awareness and to strengthen you from within using 'core' muscles, helping you to improve posture, fitness, wellbeing and will benefit everyone regardless of age.

Individual needs and injuries are always taken into account and alternatives offered, all within a calm and relaxing environment.

Pilates is designed to offer smooth flowing movements from a stable strong center, with core stability being fundamental. The main aim is to re-align muscles and open up spaces between each vertabra. This 'core' of muscles supports the spine, posture and the way we move. Improving or correcting stability, increase body awareness and benefits everybody regardless of age.

One key focus of Modern Pilates is it addresses the correct lifting technique, encouraging correct practice in day to day life and minimises the risk of injury.

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