I started weekly classes with Vikki almost two years ago as a newcomer to Pilates and am so very glad I did. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of core strength and balance (both mine have improved), how flexibility can be increased and how various joints and muscles work. I’ve also taken away invaluable exercises to do myself, to relieve tension from sitting at a desk for hours. Classes are really enjoyable as well as instructive and there’s always something new in the practice, so it never becomes boring or routine. Vikki’s an excellent teacher – not just super knowledgeable but patient, calm and encouraging, too. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sharon, St Leonards-on-Sea, July 2023

Vikki is the most wonderful Pilates instructor – knowledgeable, professional, friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Her classes are very well planned, the one I attend constructed as 4-week blocks which each use a different aid (eg. resistance band, ball, hog – don’t worry if you’ve not used these, I hadn’t!), interspersed with a ‘reset’ week. Not a minute is wasted, but there is no rushing and Vikki explains the benefits and purpose of each movement. Variations are suggested to increase the intensity but, emphatically, only if they are right for your body. I leave taller, calmer, stronger and more flexible!

Vivienne, July 2023

I go to Vikki’s Mat Class at the Wellington Health Clinic.
From day 1 she learned of my health conditions and 4 years later still enquires before each lesson so she can help me get the best from each position. The care she shows each of her students is wonderful.
After each lesson I feel energised, more supple and with her support determined to keep myself in the best of health and Fitness .

Margaret Sansom (71), July 2320

I joined Vikki’s pilates class a few years ago, with serious lower back pain, realising I needed to strengthen my core to improve back care and flexibility. Vikki is a brilliant teacher who differentiates throughout the lesson, taking note of everyone’s ability to do gentle movement or more challenging stretches. She regularly innovates with new moves and equipment, to ensure every part from glutes and abs to toes and fingertips are flexed and strengthened.

Rebecca, July 2023

I always enjoy pilates with Vikki. She runs her classes with humour, as well as being so knowledgeable and professional.
Her supportive exercises following my knee replacement really help me to regain strength and flexibility again.
Thank you Vikki.

Anne, July 2023

I have benefitted greatly from Vikki’s Pilates classes in the year or so I have been attending them regularly. I’m in my mid-seventies so not quite as lithe and flexible as I may once have been(!). Vikki’s ‘unpushy’ approach is therefore much appreciated. While she expects all exercises to be done properly, she is at pains to stress that you shouldn’t try to go beyond what feels comfortable for your current level of fitness. The exercises are also incremental, increasing in level of difficulty, so you can stop at whatever level you feel is right for you at the time. There is no shame, either, in using the back of a chair or a handy dado rail to help with balance or to get down to or up from the floor. I definitely feel generally much
stronger and fitter as a result of her classes, and thus more confident in tackling Hastings’ death-trap pavements and pot-hole riddled roads.

Val, August 2023

Vikki is a superb Pilates teacher; patient, kind, inventive and extremely knowledgable. I always leave her class refreshed, relaxed and motivated to carry on her exercises at home.
I can also highly recommend her individual treatments. Once again her knowledge, patience and determination to find the source of the problem are equally impressive. My experience has led me to recommend her without hesitation to others. We are very lucky to have such a marvellous professional in our community.

Helen Grant, July 2023

I have been enjoying Vikki Jones’ Pilates classes in Hastings for the past ten years and despite being over 80-years of age, I am still energetic and active enough to go hiking for miles, thanks to her teaching which not only improves my posture, my flexibility and my strength but also informs how my body functions. Vikki’s classes are suitable for all ages, and encourages you to develop and improve your own physical well being as well as enjoying the challenge. Thank you, Vikki.

Grace, August 2021

I’ve recently gone back to vikki’s class after a long break. Despite a 7 year gap in attending her class she remembered my medical history and advised my accordingly. After that first session with her I immediately noticed a difference both physically and mentally. I came away completely confident that my well-being was being improved, and that I was in the hands of an consummate professional.

Helen Grant, 2021, West Hill

Vikki helps me in keeping my body fit and moving. She has been particularly helpful in increasing my range of hip movements. She is an excellent and supportive teacher.

Jean, September 2021, Wellington Centre

After injuring my shoulder in lockdown and living with intermittent pain for a year, I nervously started Vikki's classes fearing it might exacerbate the problem. How wrong I was! The opposite happened and within 4 weeks all pain had gone. The slow but powerful exercises and stretches are so effective in both strengthening and relaxing the body. Such a knowledgeable and reassuring teacher, you emerge from her classes feeling both physically and mentally soothed.

Amy, 40 Old Town, September 2021

I have been attending Vikki's Pilates classes for almost ten years. Vikki is an excellent teacher and she takes the trouble to focus on an individual's various problems and needs. I was born (70 years ago) with spinal problems, and the deterioration in my back has slowed considerably since attending Vikki's classes. The exercises are never boring - there is always something new. Vikki also worked hard with Zoom and FaceBook to keep her classes going through the lockdowns. Thank you, Vikki.

Christine Warrington, September 2021, Old Town

If you are seeking a pilates class, look no further than;
'Pilates with Vikki'
Pilates with Vikki Jones
Keeps you truly stretched and toned
Just an hour a week on the mat
And your tummy will soon be flat
And she certainly has a way
To keep my back pain at bay
She's gentle but firm enough
And really knows her stuff.

Belinda, November 2020, West Hill

Vikki's classes have a structured flow that has gradually enabled me to incorporate some of the movements into my daily life. Her Pilates classes have had a very positive effect on my overall strength and wellbeing which as a long term sufferer of back pain is becoming increasingly important to me.

Jo, Wellington Square

As a beginner, I find Vikki's classes very motivational and encouraging.

Claire F, Wellington Square.

Having done Pilates for several years, I was so pleased to discover Vikki's class. She is aware of each persons strengths and weaknesses and works with you to improve your technique.

Jean C, West Hill

I started coming to Vikki's Pilates suffering from chronic back pain caused by a serious road traffic accident. The exercises have really strengthened my core muscles and I feel fitter and more confident. I also appreciate the quiet and calm atmosphere of Vikki's classes and her care for the individual.

Rachel, Wellington Square.